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We’re shifting proper coupled with our Pai Gow sequence. You’re Nearly an experienced Pai Gow player now. Since you know a lot of the video game Engage in, it’s now time and energy to look at the hand rankings Pai Gow. All things considered, it doesn’t make A lot feeling to play when you don’t recognize what makes a profitable hand.

5 Aces

Contrary to regular poker-primarily based online games in which the Royal Flush is king, in Pai Gow, the 5 aces hand is trump. Receiving five aces is hard and there’s only one way to do it. You'll want to get all 4 aces inside the deck along with the joker.

Royal Flush

To obtain a royal flush, you should have The ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace of one match-like Clubs. The Joker can be utilized in place of the Ace.


Straight Flush

The straight flush consists of five cards in sequential order which can be each of the very same accommodate. Here’s an important Observe. In Pai Gow, the A-five straight flush is the highest ranking straight along with the King-higher straight flush is the 2nd maximum.

Four of A form

To secure a four of a kind, you would like 4 cards of a similar rank, including 4 Jacks. Don't forget, the Joker can be utilized as an Ace.

Total Property

When you have three cards of 1 rank and two cards of A different rank-like 3 Jacks and two Queens-you do have a complete property. Should really both equally you and also the Banker have a whole household, the participant with the best-position 3 set of playing cards wins. The pair gained’t issue.


Five cards which might be all of the exact same match instead of in sequential purchase is really a flush hand. The Joker may be 카지노사이트 used as an Ace of any fit, so if you have the Joker, you just want 4 cards of the identical accommodate.


When you've got 5 playing cards in sequential get and they're of multiple accommodate, there is a straight. When they had been all a similar match, you’d have a straight flush. The Ace can be employed with the front, for instance a 2 3 4 five, or the top, including 10 J Q K A.

3 of a Kind

Simply put, 3 playing cards of the identical rank is a three of A form hand-like AAA.

Two Pair

You may have this hand when you have two playing cards of 1 rank and two cards of One more rank, which include: JJ KK.

A single Pair

Getting two playing cards of the identical rank is having 1 pair-like 44.

Superior Card

Ultimately, For those who have Certainly almost nothing previously mentioned, you have a higher card hand.온라인카지노 This is the worst hand in Pai Gow.

Any time you’re environment your 2nd maximum hand, which consists of just two playing cards, you’ll have either a large card hand or 1 pair. Needless to say, when you have one pair as your 2nd optimum hand, you have a great shot at winning that hand.

And there you have it. You’re now ready to take on the Pai Gow participating in environment. In our last post on playing Pai Gow, we’ll go above a few quick strategy tips.